Indian Education

Our Mission

To provide Leadership, technical assistance and advocacy to promote academic success for all students. We encourage, promote and develop strategies to infuse the teaching of Native history, culture, language and government in Washington’s schools.

Our Vision

Indian education dates back to a time when all children were identified as gifted and talented. Each child had a skill and ability that would contribute to the health and vitality of the community. Everyone in the community helped to identify and cultivate these skills and abilities. The elders were entrusted to oversee this sacred act of knowledge being shared. That is our vision for Indian education today.

Curriculum Overview

Welcome to Since Time Immemorial or STI. OSPI, private and public agencies and several of the 29 Federally Recognized Tribes in Washington State have partnered and funded this ground-breaking curriculum initiative. All 29 tribes have endorsed its importance and use. This site houses resources, materials, lessons and entire units to support the teaching of tribal sovereignty, tribal history and current tribal issues within the context of OSPI recommended units for Washington and US history in the elementary and middle school levels and US history and Contemporary World Issues in the high school level. Each unit is aligned with National Common Core State Standards, state standards and builds toward the successful completion of a Content-Based Assessment or CBA

teachers will find that it’s easy to integrate tribal perspectives into their already existing lesson plans. Throughout the school year, teachers can choose to spend as little as one hour or as much as six weeks of class time to either introduce or focus on the tribal perspectives of an historical issue, era or event. Each unit is aligned with state standards and builds toward the successful completion of a Content-Based Assessment or CBA.Select the curriculum menu item and select your grade level to connect yourself to a wealth of information, videos and resources surrounding what was and is happening in Indian country.

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