Raising Hands 2015

Raising Hands is an annual event hosted by The Tulalip Tribes Tulalip Cares to honor recipient charities in different community impact categories. At Tulalip it is traditional to raise our hands to applaud and give thanks to those who have given to us. We raise our hands to the numerous organizations in our region that contribute to our communities.

We are committed to improving arts and culture, education and youth, the environment, health care, public safety and social services in our communities. Since 1993, Tulalip has donated over 69.5 million dollars which encompasses over 245 charitable organizations annually. We are also the third largest employer of area residents throughout Snohomish County, facilitating employment to thousands of people on the reservation. Together, we have and will continue to make a positive difference – working in partnership with Marysville, Everett and Snohomish County to create solid, caring and proud communities.

See the good work of the 2015 featured charities by watching the 2015 Raising Hand Video.