People for Puget Sound

Our Mission: Our vision is a clean and healthy Sound, teeming with fish and wildlife, cared for by people who live here.

About People For Puget Sound

We're a citizens' group established in 1991 to protect and restore the health of our land and waters through education and action. Our members, partners and volunteers are located throughout the Puget Sound basin. Our staff works out of offices in Seattle and Olympia and our board of directors represents the communities we work in.

About Puget Sound

A place of stunning beauty and natural wonders. Home to whales, eagles, herons, seals, salmon and millions of people. Puget Sound's health is our health-- the key to our region's quality of life, our economy and the legacy we leave our children and their children.

But the Sound is in trouble. Orca whales and salmon are endangered and may face extinction due to pollution, loss of habitat and the ever-present threat of oil spills. Fishing, shellfishing, recreation and human health are increasingly at risk as toxins flow into our living waters. Together, we can protect and restore the Sound to health for future generations. Working together to make this happen is what People For Puget Sound is all about.

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